MDHS Boys Basketball Schedule

All forms are due to Mr. Moses prior to any tryout/practice/game.  These forms are found on my website/blog.

If a player is successful at making the team they are to pay the ‘pay to play’ fee to Mitchell District High School (online is preferred).


2019-20 Season Summary:

Senior Record: 21-4 (loses to Saunders, Ursuline (x2) and Westminister

Huron-Perth Champs 2020!

WOSSAA Silver Medalists 2020!

Mitchell Bowl Tournament Champs 2019!

Saunders and St. Mike’s Finalists 2020!

Great season boys!

Senior Tournaments: November 29-30 at MDHS/UTES,  December 13-14 at London, January 3-4 at Stratford, February 1 at MDHS

Junior Tournaments: December 6-7 at MDHS/UTES


Playoffs Season:




Check out the Huron-Perth Athletics Website for the League and Playoff Schedules

MDHS Grade 9-12 Athletic Fees and Forms

Welcome back Blue Devils!

Just a reminder that for our Grade 9-12 athletes most teams have ‘pay to play’ fees. These fees can be paid via cash, cheque or online.  Also, each athlete must fill out the attached forms and the Athlete Contract (Ms McLeod) signed by each of the athlete’s teachers and hand them into their coach in order to participate in MDHS athletics (there may be other forms as well).

Field Trip – Form 5

Permission Form with Concussion

Grade 8 Physical Education and Art


Name Pennant


Physical Education:

Actively participate in all aspects of the program.  We will be active in the Classroom, Outdoors and the Gym.  We will begin each class with a dynamic warm-up (movement activity) games of low organization, Dynamic Warm-up, etc..  We will then be actively learning and applying skills in practice, fitness and game situations.

At the start of each unit/class the students are given a Learning Goal (ex. We are learning to throw and catch a frisbee for distance and accuracy).  Then they apply their student voice to our drills/games and success criteria (what they want me to evaluate.  For example, moving, communicating, ready position, etc.).  Mr. Moses also provides on going feedback during the class and provides the students an opportunity to explain that feedback via Showbie on their iPad.

September:  Frisbee and Routines

October:  Football, Soccer and Fitness Related Activities

November:  Volleyball, Dance and Fitness Related Activities

December:  Hockey, Ringette, Games of Low Organization and Outdoor Movement (cross country ski, snowshoe, etc.)

January (remote learning):  Basketball and Fitness (some of the lessons will take place via Google Classroom try to have some sort of ball available to bounce, etc)

February:  Games of Low Organization (at home games), Fitness and Balance (learning and mastering a new skill)

March:  Paddle and Racket Skills and Games and Fitness and Basketball

April:  Lacrosse, Cricket and Wiffleball

May:  Track and Field

June:  Baseball/Fastball and Backyard Games

In Health, we will begin by discussing sugar in popular beverages (Gatorade) and granola bars (Quaker Chocolate Granola bars) and their effects on our teeth and bodies.  In December-January, we will evaluate pictures and videos that have unsafe and safe Physical Education and Sport related situations.  In February-March we will learn to evaluate and make decisions using the ‘Decision Making Model’ in real life situations. March-April we will review the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol and places to find help if needed.  Throughout April to June we will be discussing Healthy Body Images, Relationships, Reproductive Systems and STIs.

Mental and Physical Health and Well Being will be a continued focus throughout.


Check out Google Classroom and Showbie for Learning Goals, Success Criteria, assignments and feedback.